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The documentation for real-time APIs can be found by
selecting the API you are interested in from our list of
real-time data feeds.

Using MTA's Intellectual Property

Our data feeds are FREE to use. But to use our logos, maps, symbols or other intellectual property, you need a license.

The MTA protects its brand identity and intellectual property on behalf of the public. Revenues generated from licensing go back into our budget, helping provide services for our customers.

If an MTA-approved mobile application is provided to the public free of charge, the MTA requires a license but will not charge a license fee for the use of our intellectual property. Commercial or ad-sponsored applications may be charged a license fee.

To access our data feeds, you need a developer’s API key. You must register with the MTA to obtain this key, and you will use it in any application that access MTA feeds.
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Want to dive right into the code? We’ve developed a sample web app that will show you how to access MTA’s real-time and static feeds, then make use of this information.

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