Usage Rules & Guidelines

Agreement for access to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“MTA”) Real-Time Line Feeds

The MTA's Real Time Line Feeds provide real time data on the location of subway trains on the various lines of the New York City subway system, and commuter rail trains on the various branches of the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad commuter rail systems. These feeds are updated every at most every thirty seconds. Members of the public can obtain this data through applications (“Apps”) that have been developed by MTA. MTA is, in addition, making this data available to App developers who agree to the provisions of this access agreement and comply with its requirements.

An App developer who agrees to the terms and conditions of this access agreement by clicking “I agree” and completing and submitting the registration form, will be issued a Developer's API key . The key will enable the developer to access the MTA’s Real Time Line Feeds. This agreement authorizes the developer to download and host the data on the developer's or a third party's server and to make the data available to others who will access the server provided by the developer.

MTA prohibits the development of an app. that would make the data available to others from MTA’s server. The API key of a developer who violates this prohibition will be turned off.

Terms of this Agreement.

You agree to  the following::

  1. In developing your app, you will provide that the MTA data feed(s) is(are) available to others only from a non-MTA server. Accordingly, you will download and store the MTA data feed(s) on a non-MTA server which users of your App will access in order to obtain data.
  2. Unless you have an MTA license for you app, you will not state or imply in any manner that your app is licensed by MTA.
  3. You will not state or imply that the data is accurate, complete, or timely. You may however, state that you obtained the data from MTA and, through your own server, are redistributing it.
  4. You will not use the data or make it available in any manner that is inaccurate, misleading, false, or unlawful.
  5. You will not modify or delete any of the data. You may, however, create an App that uses some but not all of the data.
  6. You will access and review MTA’s requirements for when you need a license from MTA in order to distribute you app. Go to License Information for those requirements. If MTA requires a license, you agree to request a license.
  7. MTA provides you with and you accept the data and the data feed(s) “as is” and without any MTAwarranty or representation that the data or the data feed(s) is(are) merchantable, suitable or fit for a particular purpose, compatible, available, reliable,non-infringing, secure, or virus free.
  8. Your access to and receipt of the data feed(s) is(are) entirely at your own risk. You are solely responsible for the development and use of your app, including but not limited to determining and providing within and as part of the development of your App for its design, functionality,and security features.
  9. It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws including any laws dealing with the ability of a person with a disability to access and use your App. Even if such laws do not apply, MTA recommends and requests that insofar as applicable and relevant, you include such accessibility and use in the development of your App.
  10. MTA reserves the right at any time for any reason or no reason and without notice, to you to:
  11. A. Terminate the availability of the data feed(s).

    B. Terminate your access to the data feed(s) because you have violated this agreement.

    C. Change any or all of the provisions of this access agreement, including a change which would require you to change your app or result in you not being eligible to continue to access the data feed(s).

MTA will endeavor to inform you in advance of any of the above actions but has no obligation to do so.


Documentation for this feed

Our data feeds are FREE to use. But to use our logos, maps, symbols or other intellectual property, you need a license.

The MTA protects its brand identity and intellectual property on behalf of the public. Revenues generated from licensing go back into our budget, helping provide services for our customers.

If an MTA-approved mobile application is provided to the public free of charge, the MTA requires a license but will not charge a license fee for the use of our intellectual property. Commercial and ad-sponsored applications may be charged a license fee.